On this page I provide some useful links on photography related topics. All links are provided based on personal experience alone, and I am in no way related to or employed by any of the individuals or companies referenced. I list (and highly recommend) them because I have found them to be excellent at what they do, and worthy of recommendation!

Places to buy your photography gear

Adorama is a US based company offering a huge range of photographic equipment. Their prices are very competitive, and they ship internationally. Shipping is expensive if your order is of low value, but is much more reasonable when ordering larger kit such as cameras and lenses. Where Adorama really excel is in their bundle offerings. I recently purchased a Sony A7R from them, and the deal included (either for free or heavily discounted) a carry case, memory card, flash, lens, extra batteries and various other items. When the bundled items are taken into consideration, the deals can be very good.

B&H Photo
B&H are very similar to Adorama, being based in the US and offering international shipping on a comprehensive range of photographic equipment at a competitive price. If I’m going to order from the US, I usually check Adorama and B&H, and just choose the one offering the best deal. As with Adorama, I’ve used B&H in the past and been very happy with their service.

Hawk Electronics
When buying my gear in Switzerland (where I’m based), I almost always buy from Hawk. They offer some of the best prices in Switzerland, have a very fast and efficient mail order service, and even have a shop you can go to (in Zug) if you want to speak to real people!

Teamwork Digital
When I took the plunge and bought into the Lee Filters system, I ordered everything I needed from Teamwork Digital. They are based in the UK, offer international shipping at a reasonable rate, and tend to stock almost all the Lee Filters products (plus many other things of course). I was very happy with their service and speed of delivery.

Hejnar Photo
In preparation for my trip to Iceland, I wanted to get a backup body for my 5D III. As I wanted something a little different, I chose the Sony A7R (which I can highly recommend). I also decided to upgrade my tripod mount system, especially as I needed to find a way to securely mount the A7R. To cut a long story short, after a lot of web research I ordered a range of L brackets and other tripod mount hardware from Hejnar Photo. I’m really glad I did, as the quality of their engineering is outstanding, and the international service was also excellent.

Photographic tours & holidays

Wild Photography Holidays
My most recent photographic trip (June 2014) was to Iceland, under the expert guidance of Wild Photography Holidays. It was an absolutely brilliant trip, very well organised and professionally run. The tutors (Geraldine and Martin, see below) were great, offering extremely helpful advice, and being always willing and available to help. Additionally we had the honour of being joined by George Jardine (see below), who is not only an excellent photographer, but also a Lightroom guru!

The mixture of participants was wonderful, not just in terms of experience, but also age and nationality. The atmosphere was both relaxing and fun, and the organisers made sure that all wishes were accommodated as far as possible.

Wild Photography Holidays offer a range of tours in many different locations, and I highly recommend giving them a try. If I get the chance, I’ll certainly be going on another tour with them again sometime in the not to distant future.

Light & Land
I’ve been on two tours with Light & Land (Lofoten and the Dolomites), and both were excellent. The tours tend to be run by professional photographers with expertise in both the location and the appropriate type of photography. As with Wild Photography Holidays, the tours were very well organised and professionally run.

Light & Land offer a very wide range of tours in many interesting locations. Unfortunately their Iceland tour dates did not work for me, otherwise I would probably have gone with them. However, on the positive side, it gave me the chance to try out Wild Photography Holidays for Iceland instead, and that worked out really well.


Geraldine Westrupp
Geraldine is the co-owner and a director of Wild Photography Holidays. Not only is Geraldine a great photographer, but also a qualified mountaineer! Having travelled and worked in a wide range of countries, Geraldine has a huge amount of experience, with the added advantage of being really friendly and great fun to travel with!

Martin Sammtleben
Martin is the co-owner and a director of Wild Photography Holidays. Being a professional photographer, Martin has practical in-depth knowledge relating to all aspects of photography, and especially to architecture and travel / tourism. With his wonderfully chilled character, Martin makes for a great travel companion and photographic guide.

George Jardine
George worked as a professional photographer in Denver and Chicago for over 10 years, with his work appearing in Sports Illustrated, Better Homes and Gardens, Interior Design magazine, and many other national publications. George is well known for his managing role on the original development team for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and as Adobe‚Äôs first Pro Photography Evangelist for Lightroom. As well as being a great tutor and fun character, I’m pretty sure George has more Lightroom knowledge than anyone else on the planet!

Antony Spencer
I met Tony while on a Light & Land trip to Lofoten in 2013. Despite only being involved in photography seriously since 2007 (when he purchased his first digital SLR), Tony has developed his photographic skills at an amazing rate, winning the coveted Landscape Photographer of the Year award in 2010. Tony makes a great tutor, and has some of the most amazing Aurora photos I have ever seen!

David Ward
As with Tony, I met David on the Lofoten trip in 2013. David is one of Britain’s most accomplished landscape photographers, being known not only for his beautiful images, but also for his philosophical thinking and writing. Again, a great tutor and good fun to take a tour with.

Paul Harcourt Davies
The first photographic tour I every participated in was to the Italian Dolomites way back in 2005. The tour was lead by Paul, who was working for Light & Land at the time. Paul is a writer, photographer and passionate environmentalist who has written 18 books (running to 46 editions in various languages) and numerous articles. When I met Paul in 2005, he was spending a lot of his free time renovating an old Italian farmhouse, and as far as I can tell from his website, he’s still doing it!!